"The central idea is to work at the intersection of five convergent science elements, and drive "Convergence" to innovate technology and develop workforce in the key DoD relevant areas of Electro-Optic, Infrared, Radio Frequency and Edge Technologies."


Electro-Optics (EO), Infrared (IR), Radio frequency (RF) and AI/Edge Technologies (including Cyber Security) are essential technologies for the joint forces and the Department of Defense (DoD) capabilities in exploitation and management of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and network security. These technologies are considered as the key enablers for the DoD Command, Control, Computing, Communication and Cyber for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) operations. These technologies provide the necessary sensors, imaging, communication and computing capabilities, as well as, edge and cyber security for a robust situational awareness and situational understanding of local to global battlefield environment. These same technologies are equally important for many commercial applications.

The Convergence Lab at the Virginia Commonwealth University is one such endeavor that brings together scientists, engineers and technicians in the combined areas of EOIR, RF and Computing at the Edge to solve our nation's most pressing defense challenges.

The long-term goal of the CLI center is to create five convergent science pillars — Quantum/Photonics, Artificial Intelligence/Neuromorphic, Microelectronics, Biomedical and Arts to drive new discoveries and enhancement in the derivative applied areas of EO/IR, RF and Edge Technologies (Cyber).



  • Drive innovation through research, development and experiential learning to educate future generation scientist, engineers and technicians in the combined areas of electro-optics, infrared, radio frequency and edge technolohies
  • Focused research in data to decision and decision aid capabilities
  • Strategic workforce development to support & help maintain future needs of the department of defense and the defense industrial complex
  • Apply innovation in the commercial sectors & spinoffs
  • Ensure multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Create a robust full value-chain ecosystem