Commonwealth of Virginia Opioid Crisis and Rural Broadband Access

iDISPLA INITIATIVE   |  Feb 06, 2020

This initiative will concentrate on two key challenge areas including rural broadband access and the Opioid crisis. These challenges will be crowdsourced across Virginia. The rural broadband space will have three key aspects centered around determining broadband data at the address level to assess impacts on the business economy, the homework gap/divide for students, and emergency services. This will be accomplished by soliciting citizens of all ages across Virginia for their ideas for solutions to help solve rural broadband issues.

The opioid challenge will be seeking analytic solutions from citizens that could be used to help analyze data that can help mitigate opioid addiction by surfacing indicators and warnings that may significantly contribute to opioid addiction.

  • Positive Impacts for the Commonwealth of Virginia and iDISPLA community:
    • Student homework gap/divide;
    • Participation by underrepresented/disadvantaged youth;
    • Economic impacts on businesses in Virginia and opportunity zones;
    • Impact on Emergency services in Virginia.
  • Developing new data analytics approaches to surface new discoveries that can positively impact mitigating the cascading consequences associated with Opioid addiction. Other key ancillary benefits of this component of the challenge include:
    • Allowing students to apply critical thinking toward a real-world challenge;
    • Applying potential data analytic approaches surfaced during the initiative to other publicly available Opioid epidemic data sources in Virginia and across the Nation;
    • Applying/tailoring analytic approaches submitted to the platform to other use cases.

    Overall Impact and Sustainability Possibilities: The importance of this study centers around that lives are being negatively impacted in both challenge areas throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both of the challenges listed above have tremendous national visibility at this time. Virginia has the opportunity through this challenge to take a leadership position in this type of novel innovation problem solving approaches across the country. This initiative can serve as an exemplar that can be used across the United States to benefit approaches of other States to address these difficult challenges. Discussions will begin with a proposed national rural broadband initiative.