The iDISPLA initiative program is a joint effort between the Commonwealth of Virginia, Federal partners and the iDISPLA innovation team. The initiatives are envisioned to support workforce development, accelerating innovation, education in STEM/STEAM, workforce training and to find solutions to issues surfaced by the iDISPLA ecosystem. These initiatives are run through our digital innovation platform using the "Crowdsourcing for Democracy" model, using distributed challenge problems for sourcing ideation and solution or through customized projects in collaboration with the members of the iDISPLA community. The initiatives are designed with a goal to achieve solutions that can benefit the community of interest and improve our lives and standard of living.

These initiatives help conduct several pilot runs of various challenges, technical or social, to discover solutions and help with our objectives:

  • New approaches to energizing regional technical landscapes to stimulate STEM and STEAM
  • Apply innovation best practices to create new capabilities for our warfighters, citizens and support a robust workforce
  • Discovering and determining common technology denominators for the Defense and Commercial innovators
  • Advance new approaches that stimulate an "Innovation Culture" in local, national, international and connected regions
  • Deliver value that improves key aspects of the DoD, Virginia, Local Regions, citizens, Nation and the world