The objective of the distributed ideation and problem solving program is to demonstrate and apply a digital innovation platform for open innovation using crowdsourcing approach. The aim is to understand, learn, research and perform analytics on various ideation/challenge to gain insights. Ideation and solutions can be sourced from a demographically diverse audience including underrepresented groups, veterans, university students, middle and high schools, scientists, professionals/innovators, entrepreneurs, government and many other communities.

Objectives of this program is many-fold:

  • Get actionable insights and data for workforce requirements and sustainment tailored for the region
  • Provide educational experience to students from a diverse background
  • Understand and find solutions to emerging challenges in science, technology, society and other issues
  • Out-briefings
  • Conference and Forums

The use cases can be designed specifically or generally to address challenge areas of any interested organization to obtain results that can meet their needs and mission. Please contact us for more information:

Contact us at