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Dear participant,
We are very excited that you are participating in our ideation challenge projects.
Let your creativity come to life.

We need your assistance to help address issues that confront citizens across Virginia and the Nation. iDISPLA is the first large scale democratization of an innovation/opportunity pilot and the foundation for an innovation culture that starts in our communities and paves the way for solutions to real-life problems.

  • You have the chance to help other citizens by leveraging your own brilliance/creativity
  • If you have one of the top solution ideas, you can brief your idea directly to government leaders
  • Collaborate with others in Communities of Interest to network in new ways
  • Have the potential to win valuable awards

We invite you to submit solutions to the four challenges listed below. All submitted solutions will be evaluated by subject matter experts, and the individuals with the top solution ideas will have the opportunity to brief their concepts to the following leaders:
Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia
Dr. Nibir Dhar, Chief Scientist for Science & Technology of U.S. Army C5ISR Center Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate
Christopher Bourne, Assistant Secretary of Innovation, U.S. Housing & Urban Development


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Thermal Challenge

New Approaches and Uses for Thermal Imaging

We are looking for you to share your best thinking on how thermal imaging technology technologies could be used in other applications.

  Active Challenge

Broadband Challenge

Understanding the Impact of High Internet Speeds

We are launching a novel crowdsourced approach to collect accurate, high-speed Internet usage that can improve the lives of the people of Virginia.

  Active Challenge

Rise out of Poverty

Helping Americans Rise Out of Poverty

We are looking for your best thinking on how we can empower new solutions or other ideas you think can help Americans get out of poverty.

  Active Challenge

Opioid Crisis

New Ways of Reporting Opioid Disorder Data

Most of the data collected on opioid-related Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is incomplete. Help us find new ways to collect this data.

  Active Challenge


The Impact of COVID-19 on Working and Learning

This challenge looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these important two areas of society.


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