The M2M is a multi-focus hacking competition that challenges competitor's skill limits on science, engineering, technology, cyber and cyber physical systems as they engage in a variety of machine to machine hacking challenges. M2M combines cross disciplinary science and engineering challenges.

M2M is a multi-focus CTF/jeopardy-style hacking competition. The reality of current day and age is that effective security requires comprehensive understanding of both software and hardware vulnerabilities. M2M combines elements of computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineeringto provide realistic challenges that force competitors to confront all aspects of modern security and technology. Competitors will work in teams to compete challenges of varying difficulties that require specialized knowledege in one or many fields of study.

Challengers will necessitate knowledge in application security, network, security, digital logic and circuits. Each student is responsible for bringing a laptop, preferably with a Kali-Linus virtual machine. In all cases, teammates will have to work together to complete as many challenges as possible within a 8-hour period. Breakfast and lunch are provided.