Ambulance Drone for Rapid Delivery of Medical Supplies

Virginia Commonwealth University   |  Dec 19, 2019
Opioid overdose may one day be treated with antidote injection delivered and administered by ambulance drone
iDISPLA Capstone Project

Disruptive technologies such as ambulance drones have potential to save lives worldwide due to their ease of use, low cost and speed. Such ambulance drones have ability to carry medication for opioid overdose, drug delivery for incapacitated soldiers on the battlefield, as well as administration of life-saving medications in rural settings.

The goal of this project is to develop necessary hardware/software technology to efficiently and effectively navigate such drones in both urban and rural settings to allow seamless communication for precise localization. The intended ambulance drone will have the capability to fly in excess of 50 mph autonomously and reach the target within about 10ft accuracy. A remote operator will then land the ambulance at the exact location next to the patient for administration of the intended drug. A robotic arm will be incorporated in the design for drug injection.