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We invite you to join the Virginia Cybersecurity Workforce community on iDISPLA.

iDISPLA is a secure, online platform developed to help drive innovation for the Commonwealth of Virginia and ultimately the United States. iDISPLA fosters education, R&D, collaboration, and workforce development by connecting, educating, and inspiring available talents, resources, and capabilities.

The Virginia Cybersecurity Workforce community is being rolled out in partnership with the Virginia Beach Economic Development Authority, and we would like you to be a part of it. In addition to other benefits listed below, you will be participating in the VA Beach Cyber Workforce Challenge, allowing you to provide input on how your business is dealing with cybersecurity issues.

The effort is led by Civiliancyber

Latest Event
iDISPLA University Adversarial Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) Challenge

On behalf of iDISPLA (Innovative Discovery Science Platform), Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensor Directorate-NVESD (Army Night Vision Labs) and The Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation (Greer Institute), you and your students are cordially invited to participate in the iDISPLA University Adversarial Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) Challenge. This challenge is centered around digital imaging technology and preventing/uncovering the manipulation of such. The Greer Institute is leading this initiative in support of Dr. Nibir Dhar, Chief Scientist for Army's Night Vision Labs.

Download AI Challenge Letter of Invitation

Two video conferences are scheduled to discuss details of this challenge. Please try to attend at least one of these meetings.
More details will be posted on our "Idea Zone" page later. Meeting links will be emailed to invitees
Introductory Meeting dates are:

  • Tuesday, January 12th @ 12:00 pm EST
  • Friday, January 15th @ 12:00 pm EST



iDISPLA is proud to collaborate with the Office of the Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia. The office is led by the Chief Data Officer Mr. Carlos Rivero.

Bits&Bytes is the blog posted by the office.

Latest Capstone
Ambulance drone

iDISPLA capstone team from VCU designed an ambulance drone capable of providing assistance to emergency services.


The innovation platform

The iDISPLA Platform is developing a capability to capitalize on community innovation culture...

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New Beginings - Exclusive 2020 Technology & Defense Gathering

Join us for a very special networking and demo event hosted by the Greer Institute and The Intelligence Community Inc.

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Past Event


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Meeting Presentations

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Students from a diverse population participate in the crodsource ideation challenges.
Innovation in STEM for undergraduate and high school experiential learning.
Undergraduate STEM innovation in R&D for advanced research and training.
Annual hackathon program for undergraduate problem solving competition.





Managing Director, Greer Institute


Short Biography

Melvin Greer is Chief Data Scientist, Americas, Intel Corporation. He is responsible for building Intel's data science platform through graph analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing to accelerate transformation of data into a strategic asset for Public Sector and commercial enterprises. His systems and software engineering experience has resulted in patented inventions in Cloud Computing, Synthetic Biology and IoT Bio-sensors for edge analytics. He functions as a principal investigator in advanced research studies, including Nanotechnology, Additive Manufacturing and Gamification. He significantly advances the body of knowledge in basic research and critical, highly advanced engineering and scientific disciplines. Mr. Greer is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and U.S. National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine, GUIRR. Recently, he has been selected to serve as fellow in residence and senior adviser for the FBI's Information Technology Applications and Data Division

Melvin is one of the 2018 LinkedIn Top 10 Voices in data science and analytics. He also received the Washington Exec inaugural Pinnacle Award as the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Executive of the Year. Melvin received the 2017 BDPA Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2012 BEYA Technologist of the Year Award which recognize his outstanding technical contributions that have had a material impact and high value to society as a whole. Melvin Greer has been appointed Fellow of the National Cybersecurity Institute where he assists government, industry, military, and academic sectors meet the challenges in cyber security policy, technology and education. Melvin is Professor, Master of Science in Data Science program at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Adjunct Faculty, Advanced Academic Program at Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches the Masters of Science course "Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence".

In addition to his professional and investment roles, he is Founder and Managing Director of the Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation, focused on research and deployment of a 21st Century Leadership Model. Mr. Greer is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities and is an accomplished author; his fifth book "Practical Cloud Security a Cross Industry View" is his most recently published book. Melvin is a Board of Trustee at Capitol Technology University where he oversees and aligns its strategic direction, educational policy, finances and operations with the mission of the university.

As a popular educator and board member at a number of Historical Black Colleges and Universities, Greer is leading science, technology, mathematical and engineering (STEM) research initiatives, directly trying to shape a more diverse generation of up-and-coming technical talent. Greer received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and Technology and his Master of Science in Information Systems from American University, Wash. D.C. He also completed the Executive Leadership Program at the Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School and the Entrepreneurial Finance program at MIT Sloan School of Management.


The iDISPLA digital innovation platform converging human brilliance, talent identification, training, R&D, STEM/STEAM, and collaboration in one virtual environment.



Build a scalable innovation community that bridges the gap between workforce development, STEM, R&D and economics to create value, technology based decision advantage and economic growth.

Translating R & D into real-world solutions & products.